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About Company Founder

Freshino is one of the unique brands in the market launched with the aim to provide its customers with the best quality and ready to use tomato pulp which has a long lasting shelf life. This unique idea strikes the mind of the founder of Freshino, Mr. Ranjithbabu R. IIM-C CMD, Adi Ayur Foods and Beverages Pvt. Ltd. He is one of the highly dedicated and professional persons with more then 11 years of expertise in the field of Profit Centre Operations, Management, Sales and Marketing, Distribution, Management, Branch Management, Revenue Enhancement in Multifarious industry spectrum. His company Adi Ayur Pvt. Ltd. And the product Freshino is really creating a segment in the Indian FMCG industry. His unique idea to come up with the Freshino as a product is a real hit specially in the Indian market.

Tomatoes being one of those vegetables with a typical and limited shelf life but at the same time they are require to cook almost every food and add to its flavour. Mr. Ranjithbabu, the founder of Adi Ayur launched the product named as Freshino keeping this in mind. The Freshino packets have really made it possible to use the tomatoes as and when required by anyone. Moreover, this reduces the tension of those days when tomato is no longer available in the market due to it's crop gone waste. The best part is you do not need to waste your time in peeling off the skin and cutting those tomatoes because Freshino brings along with it the tomato pulp which is just ready to be poured in any curry or dish.

Mr. Ranjithbabu R. comes from a very sound family background. He got his inspiration from his grand father who is a well known face in the education industry. His grandfather, Mr. K.V.K. Unni is the founder of an aided lower primary school K.M.P. School founded in 1932 at the time when people from his community were even not supposed to go to school.

Mr. Ranjithbabu founded the company Adi Ayur Pvt. Ltd. With the ideology to promote, develop and manufacture environmentally friendly products in the best way. He believes in minimum wastage and maximum utilisation criteria. Freshino is a real hit in the market because it was one of the simple yet highly brainy idea to strike anyone. It has really sorted thousands of life. Now you can just have 24*7 availability of the fresh tomato pulp so as to add to your favourite recipes and get that much desired tangy taste. Make your cooking much more exotic by adding the flavours of those exotic tomatoes. The real benefit of Freshino also lies in the fact that one kg of Freshino tomato pulp is equal to 3kg of whole tomato.

Buy yourself the Freshino packet and let all your tensions go away. Now, unavailability of the tomatoes cannot be the reason to make your food taste something less than super delicious. Go and get yourself that packet of Freshino today.

About Our Freshino Pulpy Tomato

Are you troubled with the perishable nature of tomatoes? Do you find it annoying to notice that your refrigerated stock of tomatoes gets rotten just a few days after you buy them? Do you love that sour and sweet taste of the tangy tomatoes? Is your dish tastes a little on the lower side without that pinch of tomatoes added to it?

If the above sounds like your thoughts then Adi Ayur Foods and beverages private limited are there with the Freshino Pulpy tomato.

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Cook amazing foods with Freshino Pulpy tomato

Hurry up! Order Freshino Pulpy tomato now and enjoy all your amazing delights with a tasty of delicious and tangy tomatoes. Grab the deal right away.

Step 1:

Start your cooking and Add oil to your cooking vessel. And Follow the Cooking Process

Step 2:

Add the ginger garlic paste to the heated oil in the pan.

Step 3:

Add the onions and other spices and let me roast well.

Step 4:

Add the Freshino Pulpy tomato just as you add the pulp of whole tomatoes and stir well.

Step 5:

Add all other important ingredients and cook well. And Enjoye the Cooking with Freshino Pulpy tomato

Step 6:

Enjoy your amazingly tasty tomato delight and let your taste buds get that finger licking flavour.