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What is Freshino Pulpy Tomato?

Freshino is the form of fully ripened tomatoes which is semi crushed and packed in pouches and bottle having the original taste of whole tomatoes. The TSS or brix of Freshino is 5% and having the pulp in it. Adi T’ technology allows the tomatoes to ripe completely before the harvest as a result we process only fully ripe tomatoes. This is the reason why a spoon of Freshino provides the taste, quality and flavour of whole tomatoes. The technical comparison is given below on comparison of other tomato preparation and whole tomato against Freshino.

Why Freshino Pulpy Tomato?

1. Freshino is the only packed tomato in the world.
2. Freshino does not need to refrigerate unless until its opened.
3. Freshino is having the same price all over the world.
4. Freshino is not having the pesticide and insecticide.
5. Freshino is available all type of outlets.
6. The Adi T’ technology which makes Freshino allow the tomato to ripe completely before the fruit is getting harvested. Around the world, the same is not happening.

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Fly digital with Freshino

If you are a shop keeper and would like to make your brand name in the social media, We are here to help you.
Our team of sales executive can visit your shop with the Freshino Pulpy tomato packets for you to sell.
All we do is, we shoot a video featuring you as a shopkeeper selling Freshino and giving customer reviews of the same along with the name and location of your shop in that video.
We will publicise that video of yours on the social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.
In a way, we can really make your name reach out to your potential market by making your video viral on the internet.
So, being an owner of a general store or grocery shop you can even contact our sales team and in return we can help you boost your business online by doing digital marketing for you.

Why to choose Freshino Pulpy Tomato

Rapidiously plagiarize scalable manufactured products for realtime ramatically actualize open-source metrics through fully tested vortals.

Easy to use

You only need to buy the packet and directly pour the ingredients into your cooking utensil without processing anything.

No wastage

Unlike the whole tomatoes which you need to cut, Freshino Crushed tomato saves you from doing all that hardwork because it already contains processed pulp of tomato.

Increased shelf life

Freshino crushed tomato contains pulp of tomato well packed using the edible preservatives that makes it easy for you to store this for quiet some time.

Our Customer Say

Rapidiously plagiarize scalable manufactured products for realtime ramatically actualize open-source metrics through fully tested vortals.

Completely commnicate focused growth stratgies for distributed processes. Contin Proactively maximize resource maximizing imperatives with markets. Seamlessly engage unique scenarios with timely outsourcing.

Somrat Islam

Very easy to use and can keep it for a long time, thank you freshino.

By Parmod Kumar